Oct 19, 2015

Dan's Swimming Progress

After long of agony in his swimming learning, 4 instructors changed and finally we rip some fruitful result. The boy has some disconnection with water somehow.. we don't know why. He was neither drown or nor struggled with water before but we just cant get him to click with water smoothly and learn his swimming in short time.
This is the 4th instructor-Kelvin (iswim) that he currently be with and we can see that, the progress is improving slowly but definitely better than stagnant. Hope he can swim independently fast soon and I can stop burning my Saturday under hot sun.

Sep 11, 2015

3-Days 2-Nights Legoland Hotel-11-13 Sept 2015-School Holiday's Staycaption

Finally, we were there-LEGOLAND HOTEL - SUITE ROOM Booked!!! I had long wanted to book since it officially opened sometime time back~ This time round we had 5 adults, 3 kids therefore we decided to book a suite so that all the 8 of us can mess up with each other..hahaha..
The day we checked in was in conjunction with Singapore's Polling Day! We woke up early and appeared at all the respective schools around 8am before we embarked on our journey to LEGOLAND. It was an unlucky day that we stuck in the custom for nearly 3-hours.
We reached hotel around 4pm which it didn't make any sense to enter to any of the theme parks anymore as both of the parks will be closed around 6pm-7pm so we decided to take a cab to nearby AEON shopping mall!!
The Hotel Suite is truly WOW-Factor that we entered the room with all of us wow and wow the moments we stepped into the room with evidence showing in the following video. Thanks to Daddy for Recording the 1st touch of our feedback!!