Apr 27, 2010


It was an unplanned as well as unwanted trip for us to go back at this point of time as we were not hoping to go back under this kind of situation. Uncle Joe called me from Brunei again and again to inform me about my dad's health condition. It was 1st from mum, telling me that he lost his voice, he was diagnosed with suspected Tuberculosis (TB in short) and overall perhaps the heat in the body that cause the lost of voice etc. 2nd was from uncle Joe, said that he has Lung Cancer, confirmed by a Brunei's specialist. 3nd was again from uncle Joe, told me that the situation is not favoring, it is a final stage of lung cancer with 3 tumors found in the neck,voice box as well as the deadly - spot which is at the blood vessel where all the nerves are found. 4th called from uncle Joe again to pass the message on behalf of the specialist to inform all of his immediate family to BE PREPARED.

Without second thought of it, Dada was suggested to go back at once when I was still take in all factors for consideration..to go back this month or next month or end of the month....Thanks Da for the kick and push to go ahead with the booking of AA tickets.

We went back on the 17/3/2010-25/3/2010. Flew from AA, Senai. The schedule from JHR-MIRI has changed to evening 6pm and with the slight delayed, we reached home at 8pm++. Below are the photos taken during the stay in Miri.

Dan Dan at Senai Airport...Johore!
It was quite a relax trip for us in Miri, in order to keep Dan Dan occupy, we bought him a ball and finally some toys from Toy's Rus.. Brought Dad and Mum to have the breakfast at Han Palace. I really hope that being a daughter, I can do this to them every single days but still we need to face the cruel living reality unless we are one of the million millionaire in the world. Otherwise we still have to earn that every single cents from other's people pockets no matter how unwillingly we are by sacrifying the valuable time and moments that can be spent with our love one.

One of the nice and something different breakfast at Miri beside Kolo-Mee. I was proud to see their face glow over the dim sum table. They were indeed happy and I hope to do more but still I need to go back..back to somewhere that I hope to belong to.
The car that made me suffer for 4 years but now it is totally belong to me as I was just there at the bank to draw out the green card and change the ownership at the JPJ from Bank to my name :)

Home-cooked...simple and nice!! I just miss it!!
Uncle Joe and wife came down from Seria and Stephanie from New Zealand to give us a visit. Thank you for your help and kind-heart for all the morale,financial support to my dad. This give him strength to be strong, believe and hang in there to fight with the cancer cell to the end.

Dan had his shower outdoor. In fact, he just wanted to create some fun from the water-spray, end up mummy just soak him up with shower foam hope that he can stay cool and fresh under the humid weather after a one whole morning roaming about in the house.

Dun play play...

Miss the Tomato Kuay Teow that doesn't exist in Sg, Dada was like ....eek!! my goodness...

We happened to see the signboard about this place so tried to drive in and have a look...but now I cant recall the name of this place anymore... dump!!

Again the water-play, we got a super good deal for this pool set. After a membership discount, we only paid about S$6++. Retail price is RM25++, after the 50% discount and conversion, yes it is S$6++. We felt that it was just one play and it actually worth back the money. We brought the pool back to Sg but obviously there is no single tiny room in the house for us to set it up.
Look at how happy he was...and at least we add in some beautiful moments for everyone that at home to see the smile and play of our Dan Dan...and at the same lit-up the quietness and dullness atmosphere around the house.
Another good deal set, Daddy was helping to set up and again we spent a beautiful evening and all at once emerged into the laughter and noise together with Dan Dan.

Tanjong Lobang - Beautiful Beach at Miri. Look at the wonderful sunset view behind and the symbolic icon at the beach - Cocunut Trees!!
I just miss it miss it miss it....how i wish I can have a glass of this 六味汤 NOW and Dada was mentioned that it was actually taste like the earlier day Singapore Cheng Tng.

Bah Ku Teh, quite nice but expansive, 1 person portion is almost RM10.00
X-Gear, Dada accidently discovered it when we went to the Boulevard and he was so excited as he always wanted to arrange his team of fishing kakis to go over to Miri for fishing and at the same time, Dan Dan and I can go back home to visit dad and mum... look how fastastically he is--- when come to the FISHING PLANNING!!

We had quite a good relaxtion and energy-recharged for one week. I guess it is time for us to go back to sg and start all over our busy life schedule once again. My dad is currently undergoing the chemo therapy after we came back from Miri, Mum told me that his body was finally fit to accept the chemo treatment and i guess it must be from the effort of continuous praying from all of us and the prayer was finally heard and answered.