Dec 31, 2010

2011 is at the door ...

Remember Life is short,
break the rules,
Forgive quickly,
Love truly,
Laugh uncontrollably,
And never regret anything that made you smile.

Dec 24, 2010

2010 Christmas for Dan Dan....

This year, we had the most actionless Christmas of all,we had the pre-christmas patronised around the shopping malls to feel the heat of the season way before the actual day. The decorations were everywhere, from the shopping malls to the streets, to the pillars along the road and so on... All sizes of christmas trees were stood/displayed beautifully with it neon light shined/ warmed the heart of all passers-by.

To me, festive seasons have their most meaning when we have our love one by our side..every year, I have only one wish is to have a stay HEALTHY family.... 2010 is an unforgettable year to me, a year that i lost someone very important ... which I will never forget in my life...apart from that, 2010 is a good career year for me where i had landed on the company that know how to appreciate for what we have contribute to them :) Overall, it is an up and down 2010 to me and it is also the year that mark the end of my journey in the digit that start with 2 youth :c My new year resolution, live everydays to it fullest and baby no 2 in year to come... hehe...

All the best to 2011 and hopefully everything wonderful will start landing more and more and more to "Ng" family in year 2011.... cheers!!!!

Dan had the fruitful 2010 Christmas too, he had received quite a pieceful of presents. Mummy ~ me had finally take up the decision to get the long wanted Montessori Mathematics Education 2-5 years old classic package. It cost me a bomb...however for any educational related programme to him will definately worth the dollars. In fact, it is a tool that I invest to impart the teaching at home instead of sending him to the enrichment classes which definately cost x5 - x6 then the teaching aids that I bought.

The programme contains of the following :-

1) Constructive Triangles Box (Set of 5) 2) Numbers & Counters 3) Fraction Skittles with number cards 4) Hundred Board with tiles and control cards 5) Number Rods 6) Spindle Box 7) Sandpaper numbers.

will explain more in the next coming posts if you would like to know more about the benefits that this kit can bring to you.

Next, i bought him the National Flag World Puzzle... it is a 15 pieces world puzzles with 30 world national flags. By matching world national flag to the correct continent, it then makes a delightful 3 D puzzle that will definately entice the interest of the young child.

You may feel that it will be way too early to start this with the pre-school kids however planning play can add richness and variety to their early year development. Once their focus can be collected into certain planning activities that have been assigned to them, they are actually absorb those new info subconsciously into their right brain and hence ease them in the learning capability in the future grown up years

Bingo Tops Game, highly recommended from Kiasuparent's mummy...It has 6 different ways to play with interchangeable grow with me spinners & cards. It enforces some school skills such as problem solving, logical thinking, color, shape, beginning letter sounds and number recognition, counting and basic addition and social interaction (it requires 2-4 players for the game and suitable for ages 3+ above,

Zingo Intellect Game... Zingo, is a fast, fun matching game. It's great for pre-readers and early readers alike since it uses both picture and words. The game will help image/word recognition, image/word matching, spelling,vocabulary, concentration and memory, verbalization and most importantly having fun and strengthen the parent-child bonding relationship...

Gas Station from guguLittle Pool Table from mama....Drum Set from Albert Gogo..Basket Ball Shoot Basket from gugu...Mini Golf Set from gugu....Match It - Mathematics from gugu...T-shirts from Tasha.....

Elmo from Auntie Janet...

Thank you everyone for the burn holes in the pocket for Dan in this heart-warming season and with all the above, we end the beautiful 2010 and forever we will remember the the fun, cheeky and lovable 2 yrs old son......I believe in 10,20,30 yrs down the road, as the mummy-myself I will love n memoirs the best of everythings that had given by Dan to me at the age of 1-3.....

Dec 23, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

Danzel and Friends ..
Wishing everybody a peaceful christmas and a happy prosperous New Year!!
May we all be seven times better off at this time next year!!

Christmas is not a time nor a season

but a state of mind

to cherish peace and goodwill

to be plenteous in mercy

is to have a real spirit of Christmas!!

Dec 19, 2010

Another East Coast Sand Play

I had lack on proper blogging for quite sometime. In fact, I am thinking of forgo the following photos due to too many "East Coast" entry for the past few months. However, it is quite rare that we took some group photos by the beach and i felt hard to not " disclose" those photos here...hee hee.. as we had quite a nice shots on those photos.

By the way, it was the 1st "elaborate" beach play of the day. We brought the camping tent along, everybody was excitedly setting up the tent as shown in the following photos. Linda gugu was also busy setting up the drink/titbits stall and me as usual... stood at some strange corner on some outdoor photoshooting session..hehe
Here's come the drink/titbit corner....hehe....drink drink..... S$1 a cup...hehe..
Mama loves sand-play...look at her so engross in building her dream sand castle. Everbody was having a very nice bronze tan color skin tone...look superb sporty n outdoor feel oh... We are all a sunshine babies....