Dec 11, 2011

Ritz Carlton, Greenhouse-Christmas Dinner'11

It was another Christmas coming around the corner ever since I joined this current company. We had nothing special for the previous year, the only brief celebration was some eating session in the office which we had the food ordered-in before went back at noon.

This year, the company broke it usual low profile. We were granted to have a Christmas Tree, reason being - the office went through the renovation, now we have the cosy, well-coordinated color scheme and a new fresh look of furnished office.

We had our company dinner buffet at Greenhouse- Ritz Carlton on the 23/12/2011 (Friday). Yes as you can see, we only have 4 gals in the whole office... Quite a strong masculine energy (yang) within the office. Of course not all were shown here, some of them were not be able to make it to the dinner.

Here a toss cheer from our service/sale team...

Dec 10, 2011

Tuition - I Can Read

Danzel was finally with I Can Read Center - Sengkang since 26 Nov 2011 after pretty long waiting to reach an appropriate age before the new programme "Little Bear" was introduced in the center. Before the Little Bear was launched, we enquired the programme last year whereby Danzel was barely 2.5++ - 3 yrs old. However our application got rejected only to know that the minimum taking-in age is 3.5-yrs old.

With the launch of the " Little Bear Programme" young children no longer needed to go through the assessment, the programme itself is the assessment period for the teachers to decide when is the suitable time for the beginner to progress to the next level. According to the teachers, it is not quite accurate and fair to judge a child in just 30min-1 hour assessment, especially to the very young children. Their real "potential" will only uncover during the programme when they "open out" to the teachers...

Here show some good comment from the teacher after the 1st lesson, the teacher mentioned that some of the children cant pronounce the words properly but Dan can so at minimal it cleared our worry :)

Here show his teacher - Teacher Cindy...A very experience and always with idea to tackle the young children to follow her into the class without the whine & cry when daddies & mummies are not around with them..and here goes the quiet luxury 1.5 hours break for daddies and mummies to shop/dine around the mall.... hee. hee.. jia you!! Dan Dan Boy!!