Mar 26, 2010

Cousins Love @ Uncle Richard's House!

We had family gathering at Uncle Richard's House on 年 初七. Most of the Ng's siblings will be gathered at the eldest son's s house to pay a respect to father and mother as well as gather and unite as a whole-united family. It was one of the yearly routine to get everybody meet, greet and get connected family's event. Dan Dan was not excluded for this CNY as we were not going back to Miri. We had a good yummy curry chickens that prepared by Uncle Richard and Auntie Thess. Thank you so much for their great effort to cook us such a tasty meal. While everybody was busy chit-chatting away after the lunch. We had 3 little small cousins were having their own sweet bonding-time by running in n out the room to the living room and kitchen, playing, hugging and caring to each other.

I felt warmth flourishing out within me to see Dan Dan was having such great time with 2 of his cousins. They are so young yet showing their great cousins love by leading and caring for my Little-Too-Small-Baby to them. Jie Jie and Gou Gou brought so much fun and happiness to him and included him in all their fun-filled activities.

Mar 17, 2010

Swimming @ Bishan Loft

We continued the swimming session for Dan Dan after came back from Malacca by visitting to godma house on the 4th day of CNY. Daddy and Mummy were still on holiday leave so without having any special event, we pay a visit to godpa and godma... and how can we not going....they are my Dan Dan's beloved godpa and godma wor...must get Dan Dan to go "pai nian" with 2 oranges ma. heehee...

This time, godpa initialled to bring Dan Dan for the swim and of course we were happy about it because most of the time, godpa was busy with works and Dan Dan seldom has this kind of opportunity to even see godpa, what's more, this time, it was a swim together with off they have the wonderful evening swim....

Look at the kids nowadays, even know how to enjoyed and relaxed in such early age.

Dan was totally beated after the long swim and we had our dinner with godpa and godma before going back home. Thank you for godpa and godma for the good companionship. Dan Dan had a real good time with godpa in the swimming pool.

CNY 初一 & 初二 Malacca

This year, we were not going back to Sarawak and had planned to go Malacca for a change. It was my 1st time to Malacca although I had heard and read a lot about it rich historical background since study time. Recently, it has become one of the hottest tourist spot for Singaporean and has aware that a lot of time, the 5-star hotels over there are always fully-booked so without losing out, we chose to go on the 14.2.2010 for 3 days 2 nights short gateway trip:) which is on the 华人农历新初一. We tried our luck to reserve the hotel room one month before the Chinese new year and luckily we managed to get the room at Renaissance Hotel, it is one of the 5 star hotel and the room is not cheap lor and I guess it was one of the most expansive hotel that i ever stayed in my life so far.

We started the journey as early as 7am. Although it was a bit early however the feeling was excited and joyful. It was our 1st time (Uncle Cheong, Linda gugu, Dada, Dan Dan and myself) to rely purely on the GPS and some maps for navigation. We took our own sweet time to drive and laid back to enjoy the journey.

First Rest and Relax Station - Machap (Toilet Break)
Attacking Roti Canai
My Dearly Dan Dan Boy was down with flu on the actual day *Sob Sob* Luckily we still managed to see the smile on his face.
After about 3 hours journey, we were finally there....Yeah!! Welcome to Malacca!! (Selamat Datang Ke Melaka) the road leading to Melacca Town was extremely jam and as said, it is indeed the hottest spot, it was packed even on CNY初一 lei... Look at the traffic, we were stucked!!!
And finally we reached our destination--- Renaissance Hotel!! The hotel is just located at the right side of the road leading to the Malacca Town. It was kind of blessing in disguise too although we got this hotel which is quite a distance away from the centre of the Malacca Town but that's mean we were out from the traffic Jam Jam Jam too.
The interior look of the room and we were granted the interconnecting & non-smoking floor as requested. Yeah!! Dan fall asleep in the car when we almost reached the destination and so he was the 1st one to zzz in the cosy bed as shown in the pix.

There is this little living corner come with Sofa and coffee table, good enough to place the new year's goodies to add on the new year's atmosphere :) nothing can beat to stay in the cool hotel room in this big hot summer day.
As usual, daddy will first tuned on the local channel and watch motionless.
No choice but to post to my camera.. nice smile!!
Bathroom with my favorite Huge Mirror!!

This is my Dan Dan's favorite!!

Here's come the "WAH" factor, we had the stunning view from our rooms...... The view that overseeing the whole Malacca well as traffic that leading into Malacca Town. I was jumping up high and low hysterically when I first saw the view from the hotel, we can even see Malacca Strait Sea. Oh my gosh, the view is simply cool~~~
Look at the heavy traffic, this happened from day break to late night about 8pm-9pm. Therefore we had no choice but to walk under the hot summer day which nearly burned us into dried fish!! The recommended Tan Kim Hock product centre where we can buy all sort of local goodies however the shop was closed during CNY.

The photo taken from our hotel room.Impressive!! I just love it!

First group photo taken at the Lift Lobby, look at the "just woke up"little Dan Dan, he looked blurred hehe... After the 3 hours journey, all the "tiredness" crafted right at our face..but this cannot beat us from hunting for good foods, we hadn't eat our lunch yet...and all of us were so hungry that we didnt know where to look for foods especially on the 1st Day of CNY where majority of the shops were closed.

Main Lobby Area - Enriched with CNY decor to enhance the New Year's atmosphere...nice!! We even met the 1st lion dance troupe during check-in...too bad that Dan Dan was sleeping..

We had decided to try our luck to hunt for foods and hope that can find something nice for our lunch and true and lucky enough, we saw Malacca's signature foods. - "Famosa Chicken Rice Ball" just right in front of the hotel that we stayed. The weather was indeed super hot and humid and i really doubt that how far we can walk n explore since we cant drive due to the heavy traffic. Anyway, don't care lar, went in and attack the foods first..

Full House!! guess beside e good foods, people went because of no other better choice as most of the shops were closed for CNY!
We ordered nothing but of course the chicken and the rice balls and as told by the shop assistant, 5 rice balls equal to one bowl of rice so we had about 20 rice balls, chickens, char siew, dumpling soup and tougeh for our lunch!! Look good huh..... but emmm, we still prefer to eat the "chicken rice" than the balls,as I can only feel the rice paste rather than the chewable rice...and also we felt that Singapore's Chicken Rice is still yummylicious than Malacca..hehe
The above pix shown the famous "Tan Kim Hock Product Centre" where the local made goodies and tidbits can be found here. This place was highly recommended by my colleague and he kept showing me the map and direction to go here if I will like to buy some goodies back. Who's know to my surprise, the shop is just right in front of our hotel as well where I can view it from my hotel room lor....hahaha...waste all the effort and saliva...haha anyway thank you so much to Uncle Thong for the maps and tips.
After a distance of walk, we reached St. Francis Xavier's Church (Old Portuguese Church) .This twin-spired neo-gothic structure was built on the site of an old Portuguese church by a French priest, Father Farvé, in 1856, in honour of St. Francis Xavier, a prominent 16th-century Catholic missionary also known as ‘Apostle of the East’

To this day, St Francis Xavier’s Church still serves its function as a Catholic church, with regular mass services being held from time to time. Having been around for more than a century, the church’s building now leans slightly to the left.

Prominent Heritage Red Shop Houses and as you can see that the traffic was still jammed..

Pedal Rickshaws stationed around the Christ Church, Queen Victoria Fountain and Tang Beng Swee Clock Tower with their unique & elaborated modification and accessories on each of their unit. Christ Church Malacca and it is one of the oldest functioning Protestant church in Malaysia. Anyway, here you are. The red coloured church that built by Dutch in 1753. This is also one of the popular "Malacca Trademark'' which can be often seen in the Malacca related info at most of the reading materials.

This is where we rested our foots on and also the place that we finally found the Chendol that we long for. "San Shu Gong", another place to buy the goodies.
Durian Chendol -- emm not bad especially in the hot burning weather.... it really cool us down before we proceed our journey back to the hotel.

Jonker Walk (Jalan Hang Jebat), houses some of the Malacca oldest dwellings or houses dating back to the 17th century, is also informally known as the antique street. It is one of the must go place whenever you go to the Malacca.
Finally we moved our feet back to the Hotel and for goodness sake, we were still good in one piece without turning into the dried fish under this superb hot round sun. By the way, Dan Dan had learned to pose to the camera with his 2 little cute and short victory sign...hehe.... cool huh, neat and harmony family shot!! Sorry if I look shitty in that hat but I rather pleased to have it than being burned into dead meat.
Son, you look cool!! You are my gorgeous prince!! Sorry to let you get burned, you have to learn to deal with the cap ok~~年初二
Dan Dan woke up extremely early at 5++ to 6am from the superb shiok mattress....haiz!!!Life of being a mother, cant have a good sleep even at hotel mattress lei~~ While the rest of the members were still in their deep sweetland. We drew, we sang, we played, we ate and lastly I had him to be my model to post to my camera in order to move the clock faster... Look at the pose and the stern look that I received from him, I shall be the one to have that face ok, boy!! Anyway thanks to the unwilling pose and look!! :x
Quite a series of creative pose right??

Finally Daddy woke up and we got ourselves all ready before went down for the hotel breakfast!! Second day, we went for visiting.... to Daddy's 大舅 and 小舅 house. With the blessing from the GPS and the Map, we had a real good Malacca City Tour before getting to their house. Mummy, me forgot to take out the camera therefore will wait for Linda gugu for the one and only photo that took at 小舅 house so that Dan Dan will know his 小舅母 when he grow up.
Here's the one and two only photos taken at 小舅 house. Here's the photo showing 小舅母and all of us taken the photo at the main door.
After the visiting, we went to Mahkota Parade and Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall for some shopping before heading back to the hotel about 4-5pm++ and uncle cheong had decided to go for a swim as well as gym. Dan was so eager to get down to the pool as always and without the swimming suit, we dipped him into the pool. However the water was cold and he was trembling so in order not to disappoint him, we brought him up back to the hotel room and soaked him in the bathtub instead..hehe...and see how much fun he had...he enjoyed so much with just the shower head and a lot of water....

We checked out on the 3rd day after the two- fulfilling stayed at Malacca. Time to go back and
we actually missed home already~~