Oct 22, 2014

Company Trip-Chengdu-China-27-31 March 2013

Our yearly company trip is back!! Yeah this year we suppose to go longevity town (suggested by MD) in China but due to the less frequency of flights, travel agency actually suggested Chengdu to us. We heard a lot about Chengdu and we bet it is far better that the "longevity town" that we never heard off. 

One of the biggest attraction about Chengdu - Panda!! Therefore Panda Breeding and Research Center is a highlight in our itinerary to Chengdu. The plump black-and-white creatures at the Panda Center will surely capture your heart, aside the sight attractions,  Sampling the famous Sichuan food is a must here. The hot and spicy dishes and varied tasty snacks are sure to whip up one appetite. We heard a lot about their uniqueness in food, spicy, salty and oily!! It is definitely not the cup of tea to fellow Singaporean which we yearn for less oil, less salt eating habit here. 

By the way, this year mark the last year of Us (Ng's family) to join any future company trips. By now, didi is with us. We felt that it is not so economical to actually drag alone 2 kids with us as our company is always has the most luxurious in travel package which can easily whip up to SS1500 per kid for a single short trip. So in order to spend $3000 just for 1 short and not so favourable places, we rather plan our own trip to places that more to our liking and all itinerary and journey under our own control. Guess, this way we can indulge a more relaxing journey along with 2 active boys.