Jul 8, 2015

Happy 7th Year Old Birthday

This year, as usual we had many plans on our head but we were just simply too heavy to move. Time flies and our Big Baby is turning 7!! He was looking forward to his birthday since 2 months ago and so we were planning to have a list of his best of friends invited at some play gym so that they can have a real blast day with many presents awaiting him to open. However mummy was very busy that the plan was just too rush to carry out so we had his mama to help book the BBQ pit at her condo.
Anyway, it turned out to be the fulfilled event too even though with only 1 of his best best friend-Takumi invited.
This year the boy is obsessed with Power Ranger!!
Best Birthday Present ever - I have my Life Long Partner- Ranzel Ng!!

We started the cake blowing session earlier way before the BBQ had started as we afraid that the photos may not turn out nice at night when there isn't any light at all around the BBQ except some very dim pillar lights so in order to have the clear day light photos, we got the cake cutting ceremony started before the sky turns dark.

It was a nice little gathering and celebration, as usual we need to thank everyone that had made their appearance to the party and help that rendered to make it a success! We wish that the Big Boy can turn out to be a successful young man who he will be able to contribute back to the society and most of all, he will be able to continue to love and respect his parent just like now...my beautiful boy, we love you !!