Mar 19, 2012

31st Birthday

Birthday surprise from Daddy! Thank you daddy for the Swensen Ice Cream Chocalate Cake.. I was just came out from my fresh shower when daddy appeared from kitchen holding the lighted-up cake and same time sung the birthday song with Dan Dan, touch touch :) Love u all!!


Hard Rock Hotel

We were headed back again to the Hard Rock Hotel for a 2days 1night stay on 18-19 March 2012. It was a total free offered from mama's friend. How's great to have such a nice friend! The only limitation was the stay is only allowed for weekdays. Therefore mama chosen Sunday and Monday which we had to scarify a day leave. Not that we mind and of course we raised our 4 limb to get away from the stressful Monday Blue!! The Beautiful-Blue-Beach Swimming Pool - here we come!!!

Photos tell the whole experience of our stay, too bad that the rest of our family member cant join us due to their works commitment, anyway it was a total lay back Monday that we enjoyed, away from crowd, and temporary got away from the hustle and bustle of our working life here...too stress, too fast and too demanding :(