Feb 28, 2011

Good News Continue...

We received good news on our New Love Nest Key Collection from HDB today : -

Your appointment for collection of keys to your new flat is on

10 Mar 2011, 10.10am

woo hoo...thanks to HDB Mr. Officer for giving us such a nice date/time for keys collection.

Another good news to me, company trip of 2011 is Taiwan

(Taipei-Bullet Train-Taichung-Sun Moon Lake)
in April 2011

Finally company helps me to complete half of my plan for this year which is to visit to Taiwan...

Feb 22, 2011

Birthday Good News!

Thank you everyone with e great well received birthday wishes...

Another surprise Birthday
Gift from company....

Company Trip is Approved!!

Bonus is Confirmed!!

Remarks from Performance Appraisal

Showed good works attitude,enthusiastic in her work, work well with service team's members, keep up the good work

on my Birthday!!

Eagle's will be singing for me at the Indoor Stadium, Yeah!!

(Specially Big Thank you to mama, who assist to take care of Dan tonight!!)

Feb 8, 2011

Learning Months of the Year

It was my plan to have Dan attended Sunday church quite some time until recently, I finally brought him. He attended 1st Sunday School on 2/1/2011 at Faith Community Baptise Church - David Club (3-4 years old).

I was myself a Christian since my teenage age. I was always struggled and retaliated when asking to attend Church in the Sunday morning, mum always had hard time to get me attend Church regularly until i arrived at Singapore 10 years ago. Initially my thought was, i am going to be free and nobody will going to kick me early in the morning to attend church anymore and also all the cell group gathering during the weekends.

However to my astonish, my mum actually got so much of church's members contact in Singapore that she actually got hold of the church member's to come all the way to the place that i stayed back then to bring me to the church..... Only until few years later then i realised the good things of attending church.... i realised that i really in need of god's words to brush through my faith as a christian ... still, i am attending church intermittently until today. ermmm...

Hopefully start today, I can have more regular and healthy church life and with Dan Dan attending the Sunday School for him to know more of His and also All the Great Things about Him.. Beside that, Dan get to enjoy the barely 2.5 hours every Sunday morning in games, songs, Movement, Art & Craft, Circle + Music time.... Below some photos taken at the Sunday School...

img style="TEXT-ALIGN: center; MARGIN: 0px auto 10px; WIDTH: 300px; DISPLAY: block; HEIGHT: 400px; CURSOR: hand" id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5576128330715897794" border="0" alt="" src="http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-TRIY4S3gVTY/TWJjLFZQH8I/AAAAAAAADIs/hcuvIBXtv5g/s400/CIMG4990.JPG" />

Feb 3, 2011

Chinese Lunar New Year 2011

Chinese New Year is on 3-4 Feb 2011 this year. This is also mark the last Chinese New Year that we are going to celebrate at this house..We did very little to welcome the Lunar New Year 2011, no more massive spring cleaning like previous year, no more spending on new curtains, new sofa cover, new bedsheets and we also cut down the new year cookies and decoration stuffs.

Dan had marketing trip to nearby neighbourhood center few weeks before the new year and the trip required S$3 per child for them to purchase some stuffs that related to new year. Therefore, we are now having some decoration stuffs to at least add on the Lunar New Year atmosphere to the house.

The photo of Daddy below was taken by Dan Dan, quite a good shot!

Lunar New Year Day 1
The hip hop look of Dan!
We were going to Uncle Richard house so sleeveless will be just nice for me
Finally some family shot on Chu 1!
Mummy loves this shot so muchhhh!! It looks like the shot that taken by the DSL!
We are at Uncle Richard House!
Dan praying respect to Gong Gong and Po Po but not concentrating..mm
Some fingers foods prepared by Auntie Thess, thank you so much for the effort!!
The below are some photos taken during the reunion dinner at " Village" Hotel...