Sep 24, 2011

Melacca 6-9 Aug 2011

Another long overdue post.. We had decided to have a short trip to Msia again this time... It was our second time there but the only different was... we chosen another hotel - Holiday Inn... The hotel that situated beautifully along the seaside....

We went one night earlier to Msia and stayed over night at Cat's gugu house... this time round, we had the our eldest gugu joining us...hehe...our group size growed bigger and bigger each time ....and that's mean we had more fun, and fun and so much fun each time too...

We started our journey the next day around 9++am in the morning and reached hotel about noon when it was just the right time for hotel check-in..... of course not forgetting our usual photo session.

Look at the view from our room, isn't it superb!

The swimming pool that linking to the sea and connecting with the sky which paints a beautiful picture as a whole captivating scenic.

After some rest from the hotel, we proceeded to the Executive Coffee Club that serves free of charges tea-break for the guests staying 11th floor and above if I remember correctly. The tea-break can come to quite luxury that they even provide unlimited hard liquor, wines, soft drinks, brewed beverages,eg: Cappuccino..and etc..

A very spacious coffee club that all to our own...even the foods and drinks!! Dan boi had a wild run around the posh coffee club...

We had a night programme all set and planned after viewing the signboard - KTV!! It is so cheap to have the KTV session here...The session is count by hourly rate instead of per head count..

Even Dan Dan boy enjoyed singing aways his baa baa black sheep~~~

The next day, it was our shopping spree.... after the lunch at the famous local chicken rice shop..we went to Dataran Pahlawan Melacca and had the great day shopping.

Here the recommended authentic nyonya cuisine... yummilicious!!!

here's the big purchase of the day.....heehee