Mar 18, 2014

Another Joyful Surprise!! 08 July 2013

This is really the best birthday present ever for Danzel. He is being a lone ranger for approximately 5 years now then we had decided to give him the biggest birthday present ever - "A Lifetime Companion". After all the fruitful trips (ChengDu, Taiwan, Perth) that we had within the 1st half year of calender, we finally came to decision to have the 2nd family planning in June 2013. 

To the Almighty God's Graces, we are blessed to test out positive (with 1 trial) by the Pregnancy Kit  on the 8 of July 2013 which was also birthday's of Danzel. He was with me during the test in the toilet and I roughly told him that he is going to be Big Bro. I guess he was still in a daze at that moments and didn't really bother quite much. haha...

For me, it was quite a mixed feeling of course that I have to re-adjust myself, routine of daily life, domestic arrangement after all I am quite relax as Danzel has grown-up so much by now and more sensible.

This is definitely good news, of course!! Thanks God for granted us another Angel into our family of 3 and soon 4!!! We look forward to the cheerful and joyful environment the moment our little Angel arrives...... While waiting, we pray...... pray for perfect health and perfect baby in 2014!!!!