Aug 30, 2011

Bye Bye Tampines.....

Officially marked the last day of us saying bye bye to Tampines house - 15 July 2011.. Unofficially we were there on the 9 July 2011 (Saturday) to empty the house before the official paper works handover on 15/7 to the next new owner who is fated with the house.

It was daddy first own house with Sis Eve since year 1998.. I guess daddy more or less felt the reluctance/hard-hearted to leave the house after so much of memories, be it good or bad planted/showered in this house..

We were somewhere around there to clear the final conservancy bill after leaving Dan Dan to Linda gugu for day-care. Initially, we were so naive to think of clearing/dismantling/removing all the big/bulky furniture by ourselves until we took the advice from Priscilla gugu where we met during lunch to get the bangla at the rubbish collection centre to help us with the heavy man job..

We got 2 big guys after a few attempt of shouting at the rubbish collection centre..they came up to the house, after observing/discussion in their language.. they were asking for S$150.00 and promised will dismantle/remove the house to total empty. Our eyes blink and exhaled hard for sign of relief that finally we got some cheap effort to settle our big headache...

They are swift/quick/strong... Less than 2 hours..all the bulky/small items were all out of the house..and I didnt even see them perspire in one tiny drop of sweat from the head/forehead/ goodness....I was thinking.... are we paying them too much??? hehe...anyway...we were happy/satisfied...we finished all the job so early that we still spent some time to have a sip of drink at the coffeeshop...

The new owner is a nice chap, he still continue to let us hold the letter box key and allowing us to collect the letters anyday/time we like and until today Daddy will still go back every now and then to collect the letters and there was once he met the new owner somewhere nearby and he was still agreed to let us go back to view his fully renovated new house that for once we used to stay...... Bye bye Tampines and here we come Punggol..........

Aug 18, 2011

Genting 17-19 June 2011

Another Genting trip organised after 28 months later. The last visit was when Dan barely 6-mths-old where he only know how to enjoy the neon light/noise from surrounding. Now, this trip..he can simply hopped on to selector indoor rides that available within the First World Hotel, as well as outdoor kiddy rides. Another highlight for him will be the enormous arcade games room where we spent just half of what we spend in Sg in order to fulfill his joyfulness in those rides/ games (aft the currency conversion..of course :).

Another indulgence of what we had this time round will be the Hotel Room, we booked larger room this time - Superior Deluxe Room.. and it is so much better than the pathetic Deluxe Room where we used to stay in our earlier visits. Hopefully for next visits, we will be able to get the larger room which is Fanily/ World Club.


Met up at the lobby after some refreshing in the room..time to hunt for food

Balloon Sculptures Exhibition