Nov 26, 2010

Resort Worlds- Sentosa - 8 Aug 2010

Today, I am on dental MC. After suffered the tooth decay for so long, finally I took out the courage to step into the dental clinic and got it extracted out. Now, i am resting at home and also finally I have some "me" time quietly in updating my blog.

It was on the long public holiday weekend which is Singapore National Day (8.8.10-10.8.10) We were invited by Cat gugu to Resort World, Universal Studio. Dada was going for his own fishing trip at Malaysia. Uncle Cheong booked a night stay over at Festive Hotel therefore in stead of going jus to the Universal Studio, we spent a good 3 days 2 nights stay over at Resort World.

The following is the view taken from our hotel room. The sad thing was the swimming pool was closed for some minor renovation therefore we went to the swimming pool at Hard Rock Hotel instead.

What is so special about the Hard Rock's Swimming Pool? RWS imported 700 tonnes of sand from Australia to create a beach pool at the hotel, the sand cost about S$700per tonne and it is chosen for it colour, texture and quality. It's a superb feeling a moment that you dip your bare foots into the sand which I never experience it before....try it and it worth trying....

The room in the Festive Hotel, everybody was exploring the moment we checked in.

As usual, Dan was so very happy and excited whenever he met with his cousins even they are age different by 4 and 7 years old, still when 3 of them together, they are somehow still can create "spark" among themselve...Can say that it is actually the jie jie and gou gou tried to play with him and by now he is already get to know and will always mention about their name even at home.

We had our dinner over a baits, a subsidiary of Din Tai Fung and it is a place for those who like to have chinese foods with reasonable pricing beside the chinese restaurants at the Hotels.

After the great dinner, we had a walk around the Resort World and proceed to the musical fountain show by the name of "Lake of Dreams" before proceed back hotel to re-charged our energy for a full good use at " The Universal Studio" the next day.

Day 2: The Universal Studio

We were having the buffer breakfast the next morning at the Festive Fiesta before proceed to meet everybody at the Universal Studio about 11am. This time round, we had everyone gathered together for fun-filled trip in the Studio except for Eileen mama, so sad that ma ma cant join us as she needed to work even on public holiday lei:( sob sob!

Here we come the Universal, and finally we had photos on semi-complete family members gathered together once again but still it is always hard to have a complete Ng' s Family photos together....

We spent the great good 3 days 2 nights over at RWS, Dan Dan had great time and too bad Dada cant join us this round and we will surely be back again!!