Jul 27, 2010

Happy 2-Year-Old Birthday, Son!!

Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday! Another year went past since your last party and another two years went past since your surprised arrival into our family.Life has never been dull, life has never been better ever since your existance into our family..
This year, we had tonned down the celebration a little as compare to the early year.We had pre-reserved the lunch buffet for all the family members at Furama Hotel, River Front with the restaurant named - The Square! Personally, it was my 1st time for having the buffet at Furama, Riverfront. We had put up the request earlier on for 2 rectangle tables to be arranged at the most private area of the restaurant so that we can have the "surrouding" all to ourselves as we believe children will cheers, Danzel will scream and adults will sing out loud the birthday songs to the little heartily loved Danzel-our son!

We would like to specially extended our Big Thank You to all the family members that had attended the lunch with us and with all of you around, we believe that our little one will felt even warmest & joy in heart on his special day as he knows he is being shower with lots of love and care by everyone of you :) of course to those that not with us on this special day, we love you too and hope to see you all soon!

It was an "Animal Theme" 2 yrs old Birthday this year. Although it was just a simple birthday but in order to make all things go harmonily, we chose at least a theme for more focusing planning than without knowing where to start...

Below photos for pleasurable viewing:-
The interior of the Restaurant!

3 helium-filled animal-theme balloons, bought it one night prior to the birthday party, Dan was so happily attacking the 3 poor balloons in the room, I was so worried that the balloons might get burst way before the party has started, luckily they were still "survived" until the next day,hehe..
Some family photos shot before leaving the house! Check it out, we didn't specially spend on our family-wears this year so just get something to look & feel similar and head on, that's it! Save the money, save the earth and we are going green too!! haha... Look at the following photo, it syncronized very well right and I just love the shot...

Here's the restaurant! - The mailto:Square@furama

Another few interior shots for the restaurant

Here's the little corner ( 2 rectangle tables) that occupied by our "Ng's Family!!

My boy enjoyed his satay very much!! sat at one corner to have the satay while greeting the arrival of all peh peh, gugus, uncles and cousins. Look at the cheeky smile from his face.

After the satay session, now came the dumpling session!! Love the smiling shots so much!!

My Blue's Clues Agar Cake and Animal Theme Super Mini Cupcakes, just 3cm in width where the guests can just gobbled down the whole mini cupcake in one mouthful! Thank you Mrs Chan & Yan for the agar & mini cupcakes. It's definately economic yet impressive creation. Keep it up the great works!

Having great laughter time with cousins!! Presents time!

#May my precious little son

Fill your lives with happy days

In so many new and special

Countless little ways#

Below videos capturing the happy moments of Dan Dan!!

These are the best videos enough to cheer mummy up every now and then!!