Mar 10, 2015

Happy 1st Year Old Birthday-Prince II-Ranzel Ng.

All thanks to my ex-colleague- Blurrie for recommended such a well all round birthday planner for our little Prince II-1st Year Old Birthday on 10 March 2015. 2nd Time Motherhood is true enough to be lazed back as compare to 1st child when we tend to hand-on on every single little details for the baby no. 1.
We were nearly celebrated Baby R's 1st Birthday low key however when think of the 1st Birthday for Baby D, we really felt the guilt in us that they might complain and compare when they get older, why D can have such high key, well-organized Mickey Birthday but not me~~hahah... so we approached the café owner - Ms Priscilla to handle the R birthday for us. We just told her that we want the theme as Little Prince, that's all!! We didn't do much! We just relax and work out the guest list...that's all!! hahaha...
The party was ended up with big success in a very cosy ambience, pretty decoration (balloons, dessert table, decoration) all nicely done up, foods provided, photographer, balloons sculptures were all in the package.
Personally,  I love the cake so much!!!! The 2 layers " Little Prince" cake is a big hit and attention grabber~with my favourite pastel can the people be so talented and creative to produce such lovely cake.

 Both my DR chosen Books for their Birthday picker!!