Aug 28, 2010

Progress on Our Future Love Nest

We got the new update of our future love nest's development progress from the Punggol Forum and through the Punggol Spring's Engineer. Below are the photos taken from sample units that had completed and the invitation for the viewing are strictly private. The photos are constributed by one of the invited resident, thank you so much!!

Punggol Spring is the 1st launched BTO in 2008 Feb 26, which is also the year when Dan Dan was borned. We were 1st captivated by the full length windows and Balcony floors as advertised, however the Q no was not as good, therefore there were no single balcony units left when it was our turn to choose our unit so end up we chose the decent floor at reasonable price range so that we can pay comfortably within our mean. For brief, Punggol Spring is comprising 5 blocks of 17-storey residential building (total add up to 494 units of 4-room flats) and 1 block of multi-storey carpark.

The latest update from PS engineer:-

project completion: Blk 614A (Our Block) and Blk 614B will be scheduled to handover by year end this year to the Owner (HDB) , followed by Blk 615C (next yr Jan or Feb), Blk 615B Feb or Mar 2011 and lastly Blk 615A Apr 2011. According the PS Engineer, after auditing by HDB, handover, HDB will take about 1 month to inform the buyers to collect the keys liow so if everythings are fine, we will be the 1st batch to get our keys probably around end Jan to Feb 2011.

Aug 16, 2010

My Boy Read & Recognise 95% of A-Z at 25mths!!

We are so proud with our boy, he know his A - Z (about 95%) at 2 yrs 1 mth old except for some of the letters, he still has some difficulties pronouncing it, eg H,Y,W~~ but in order to read it, he will read it by using phonic sound. I am particularly happy as I finally see some results after spending so much effort and time with him since 1 yrs old!! He is now learning his phonic on A - Z, almost there too... hopefully he can conquer all the letters phonic soon so that we can progress into building words and blending sound in reading.