Jan 30, 2012

Chinese Lunar New Year 2012

2012, we had a Lunar New Year celebrated over at my hometown - Miri, Sarawak. After 2-3 years in which we stayed/celebrated it over in Singapore or elsewhere. In fact, it was a memorable & joyful event for me which I got to spent the mere 5 days with my mum and brother to the fullest.We didn't have this for decade due to the "complicated" family background that we have.

I was surprised to receive a notification from my brother before the new year that they will be going over to Miri for Chinese New Year. At first, the hesitation procrastinated my decision on purchasing the sky high return trips air-fares. However, the decision was firmed up after i got to know that brother & his family will be going back for sure this time.

Ever since father passed away,mother moved over to stay with my cousin therefore this time round, we had to spend big time to stay over at the hotel for 5 nights... errkk.... but it was a good-fun stayed and with all the family member around, it was in fact a very lively CNY that we were having....

Below show the room that we stayed, the hotels over at Miri are relatively bigger than the hotel rooms here, we opted for the smaller - standard room, see we got here, Queen Size bed with much more spacious area that we expected.
Look what we have for the view from our room, the Miri city view as well as partial sea view...
Value added-on service, breakfast room-service,you just need to place your order a night before and get it hang outside the door handle and you will be getting a fresh, yummy breakfast in the next morning at your desired selected time. Isn't it fantastic?
Look at the big smile hung on the little fellow face, he was most than happy to see the tub, almost every bath, he was soak until he got wrinkled skin...
Here's our reunion dinner over at the Imperial restaurant which is just located at the ground floor of the hotel that we stayed... I had my 1st in the life time Lau Seng with mother and brother...very happy and pleased that I almost dropped my tear...hahahaha.. The foods are simply good by just looking at it! In fact I shall take the photos for all the dishes but i had stop to thorough immersed into the foods appreciation.... yummyliciouos~~
Family portraits on Day 1 of CNY
At last 3 of us, if sister is here...it will be even more"completed" pic.
Ah B Zai
Oh my dearies~~~ in life!!!
Day 2 of CNY - Old friends gathering session at Mr. Ho's Fine Dine Restaurant!! and one of the friend (Kelly's residential)
Overall we had the great CNY for year 2012 and with this reunion, it even stranghten the family together and closeness... Danzel got to see his jiu jiu, jiu mu and cousins and of course PO PO... and I also managed to see my nephew after 2 years....