Feb 23, 2010

I'm as tall as 4 tins of Milk Powder

As usual, Dan likes to play around the kitchen area. I guess it applies to all toddlers at this stage. However, according to the study, as long as it is keep safe and proper child-proofing & hygiene, in fact the kitchen is the best learning ground for inquisitive stage of child. Therefore most of the time, when I was not cooking, I will just let him be roaming free at the kitchen or even open/close the cabinet doors, except for the fragile compartment. However, the essential part is Daddy or Mummy has to be with him at this point of time. That is where the learning opportunity strike in for them.

The kitchen is full of opportunities for practical life activities and positive learning experiences. Daddy or Mummy may involve them in simple washing up, stacking the dishes (non-frigile for younger child), table laying, cleaning up so on and so forth. For younger children, they learn stacking, sorting, numbers, words, colors and many more from what you have in the cabinets, perhaps the can foods, spoons and forks, colorful plastic cups, containers and so on, you may get them to sort them out base on size, shape and color and also point and print out the words to show them This is SPOON and flash them the word SPOON and I believe they will learn in speedy way with showing the actual items rather than picture cards/Books.

Feb 21, 2010

1st Day In School Uniform for PG Class - 1.2.2010

Dan Dan was officially in Just Kids' s infant care on the 23.2.2009 when mummy had finally decided to join back the workforce after about 7 months of being a Full-Time-Stay-At-Home Mum/Cow. I had fully breastfed Dan for about 7 months and partially breastfed for 2 months Although it was quite an upset "breastfeeding bonding separation" but because of the "rice bowl", mummy got to stop it gradually as the work environment not allowed mummy to do so.

On the 1.2.2010, Dan Dan officially advanced to Playgroup (PG class) which is for 18 months to 2 years old child. In fact, it is only from one classroom proceed to another classroom with another different set of teachers and daily programme. On top of that, Dan needs to be in the school uniform is such young age with school bag, water bottle. Teachers were saying they are in the stage of imitation and they like to be treated as "big boy, big girl" now and to give them a school bag, they will walk with the school bag like a big boy and this make them feel proud and boost up their esteem so meantime, they learn and absorb things in super fast speed. Apart from the childcare, playgroup has got assembly (To sing national anthems), story time, pre-primary sessions (English, Mathematic, Science), music and movement, Chinese - the 2nd Language, Art & Craft and so on..

Feb 19, 2010

Fat Fish Steamboat - 31.12.2009

I got to know this place from a wonderful mummy (cheekiemonkie) on a same day of 31 Dec 09. Dan Dan was with Linda gugu and I forgot the reason. It could be I cant take a day off and the school was only open for half a day due to the New Year's eve. Therefore Linda gugu scarified and took leave to take care of Dan Dan for me. While waiting for the time to pass in the 3/4 of work day, I surfed mummies blog as usual and to my astonishment, I was excited to try out the fat fish steamboat that recommended by cheekiemonkie's mummy. The place is definitely look cool and the compound is big, it is definitely an ideal place for kids to run about yet need not worry about the traffic. I suggested that we went on that night which is 31.12.2009, at the same time having a small celebration for the New Year's eve since we did not planning of going anywhere else.

Here's the SignBoard of Fat Fish and The Big Boat displaying right before entering the entrance

The 1st Eating Hall from the Main Entrance

The Second Eating Hall which is near to the Bar Counter and Pool Table
By the way, this is my 1st time in life - Steamboat in a Bar!!! The Best of Both World! Package with good music, good ambiance, good foods, good companionship and good entertainment ground for Adults as well as kids.

Upon waiting for foods, not forgetting about the photos taking session * smile :O

Feb 10, 2010

Hay Dairies & Jurong Frog Farm-27.12.09

Back to the outing, we went to Hay Dairies & Jurong Frog Farm without prior planning. The idea bulb just clicked right up my mind and fantastically Linda gugu was agreed too. We were out the house a little earlier than usual as mummy got to know the goats milking time is at 11am. However we were late. Anyway it was worth and satisfied too as Dan Dan got to see the goats in action for the very first time.

We proceed to the Jurong Frog Farm as it is only a street apart from each destination. Since the journey is not near from Tampines to Lim Chu Kang so we made a worth trips ever to all the possible farms. It was our 1st visit to Frog Farm as well and we were all excited to see so many frogs in each pond and the "kwek kwek" sound that created.

Happy Dan Dan Boi as always!!
Mating Pond but seriously we didnt see any baby making frog daddy and mummy!!
We end the day by going to Kranji Farm, however the weather was bad and it started pouring heavy rain and we managed to get shelter from one of the hut owner. The owner not only offered a seat but shared the bittergoud with us, the mixer bittergoud was nice and Linda gugu bought 5 small containers from them. Of course the final destination was Jurong Point where we got our lunch there. Another fulfilling and great trip ever to a place that shower with sunshine and fresh air. We love it and we hope to come again.... ta ta!!