May 21, 2010

Resort World Sentosa

Oh mine, this is a very long overdue post and since I first started with my new job, officially on 24.5.2010, I had no more luxury time and also full access to use the internet in the office. The access is barred for many websites as well as chat rooms *sob sob* anyway by looking at the bright side of the whole picture, the incentive package that offered to me now is far more lucrative than what I had been getting back at the previous job when I had so much opportunity in internet browsing. So why brood over it so much, is worth it!!! Now, i can only do the update on my this little space at the very end of the entire day.. and also with mood.... :)

It was an outdoor trip on May day,1.5.10! cant believe it was a month old post... where's my passion for blogging? Anyway, here's the photos of the day!
For those that who yet to visit to the Resort World, Car park charges for your reference *wink*
Lovely crystal starry lightings, romance and splendid feel when we once stepped into the lobby area. I like this lightings...
Entrance to the Casino, I will not going in until one day it is FOC then I may consider to go in for one glance browse, I will not gamble with my Sin dollar sign $$$ :)
Sexy models in a hot & humid weather!! Poor gals... Pity them to wear so little and attract all the bangladeshi eyeing on them. Forgot to take the photos of whole bunch of bangladeshi stood right in front of them.
Finally, the symbolic of Universal Studio - The Universal Globe!
It didn't strike across my mind that I will have a chance to see it in Singapore.
Universal Studio, we got separated by the steel fence. You will get to go in after paying S$72 each adult and S$52 for children ages 4-12 on weekends whereas for weekdays, it will be S$66 for aduls and S$48 for children.
Little gloomy Dan Dan!! Just got up from the afternoon nap!
Here's presenting the entrance of Universal Studios Singapore
Passege way to the Crockfords hotel
All branded that can be found in the Resort World, just in case some of you would like to do some shopping, you will have a rough idea on how much money you need to bring along with you..hehe
Ever see a long legs and skinny elephant, never?
ome to the resort world and witness the true thing.

Of course not forgetting some water-play for Dan Dan in the super hot and hot and hot weather...look how happy he was...
Before headed back home directly, uncle cheong drove us around in the Sentosa and it was such a long time since my last visit to the Sentosa, way before they even think of developing the RWS project. Hope we can come back again very soon to stay and indulge in the Universal Studio with Dan Dan and family :)

Royal Plaza On Scott-Carousel

We were finally there. Royal Plaza On Scott- Carousel is one of the recommended buffet by most media. I got to know this restaurant from local channel 8, 吃不肥, buffet by Bryan Wong. It is also one of the best buffet restaurant by SPH Asia One's People Choice 2009. We were there to give Uncle Cheong a treat for his birthday. Remember last year about this time, we had the celebration for Uncle Cheong and dada at Marina Mandarin Hotel, Aqua Marine Restaurant, time really flies!!
Here's the price list if anyone of you wish to try it out one day... Price will definately difference on the special public holiday like Christmas Eve or New Year Eve.

As usual, Dan Dan was running about and we at the same time took some snapshots at the grand and posh reception area while waiting for the restaurant to start it lunch buffet session at 12pm.
Look at the the bunch of people waiting outside the restaurant. They were actually waiting to be lead into their seats. To my surprise, they have a group of waiters and waitresses that line up inside the restaurant to actually lead the reservation group of coustomers to their seating areas. Wow, it gaves us quite an exclusive feeling that we were being threated like a VIP, Hehe
Look at the nice cursive carpeted stairs...marvellous scene for photos...hehe.. There are various size of candles behind us...
Photos taken inside the restaurant, we were there quite early therefore you may see those seats were still left empty but it all filled up after a while. Before everybody was rushing to start taking their foods, I was there quickily got some photos taken and of course after we started off with the superb foods, we had no more free hands and time to take the photos...hehe...
Spoilt Child with Rich Chocalate Fondue with marshmellow!!!
Dessert Counter for a sweet ending to the perfect meal
Enormous Spread of Shell Seafood!!

Sweet Stuff - Chocalate!!

Asian and Mediterranean Buffet Counters
Kids Favourite Session - The Chocalate Fondue and Adult All Time Favourite Expansive Colourful Macarons!!
We had the very satisfaction lunch that ended at around 2pm and proceed to Resort World for the very 1st time but we didn't plan to pay for the entrance of Universal Studio as YET, we shall plan at the best time, best weather and best of course finacially...hehehe..