Feb 28, 2012

Festive Hotel 24-26 Feb 2012

We had another pre-planned 3days 2nights gateway to Sentosa Island.. *finger counting* emm, guess this should be our third stayed across the Island so far... All thanks to mama for the good deal that she got for us..

This time round, we had another occasions for the stay.
- Pieces Babies in the house-
myself, Cat's gugu and Charmaine
Happy Birthday to us!!

Love this photo...
Lucky bao pei with 2 women that will love him to the end of our life :)

And also our lovely gugu and 2 men that will love us to the end of their life too :)

Below show the lobby of brand new hotel at Sentosa, The Equarius Hotel and Beach Villas. Hope there is a chance to stay over at the Villa one day, it is definitely one of the high-end stay with luxury of our own private pool for a villa with 2 rooms and above.


Here we are for the Song of the Sea! A new musical fountain at least for those that have not been there. It brings the excitement to you with combination of element like water jets, flame bursts, musical fountain, fire works, animation and etc.

Dan Dan's not to be missed.... Bath- tub - fun!

Prior to the checked in, all the gugus already got everything planned that we will have our breakfast in the room.. We made our own sandwiches...but hard to be true, the sandwiches taste awesomely fantastic with meltzzz cheese/tuna and top it all with ham....

Jacuzzi to our own, we booked the hotel in off-peak season therefore the swimming pool is less crowded as compare to school holiday.

Added highlight to the room, a very spacious balcony.... A little picnic started to form over at the balcony when the foods are ready to be served!! heehee.... We should have picnic mat ready next time ;]

All ready for the sumptuous dinner - celebration of Charmaine's birthday! We took the free ride -monorail to Vivo City for our dinner!

Thank you Catherine gugu for the treat!!

Love all the family shoots above!! btw, we have something "big" planned/confirmed here... during the Festive stay... Another great holiday awaiting ahead for us in JUNE 2012.... Now looking real forward to the H.O.L.I.D.A.Y.... will reveal in the next few post....hee hee