Apr 8, 2012

Day 4: Shenzen

Leaving our coziness  & snugness room, we were back on the road again to Shenzen after another splendid meal. Again,  another late night arrival at Shangri-La Hotel, after some slow walk & window shop nearby the hotel, we returned to the hotel and had good night rest before another exciting day await us.

After breakfast, we were brought to this amazing destination called OCT. You will not experience how perplex this place was until you stepped your foot on this land...We were quite skeptical under were half way to the top of the highlands....awesome view!!

Here what we saw in the mid of our journey gearing up the highlands....Flowers blossoming beautifully as though they are waving to the arrival tourists from far..
Yeah- finally some group photos..love it to bit with my admired colourful as a whole!!
Look how's cute with all the little ladybirds that simply too hard to resist... we had many shots with them~ especially my thrill-little Dan!
Look at all the actions performed that determine the excitement level of my little Dan!! Even daddy joined the madden!!






Love all the above photos to the max, I am thinking it's such a waste for not posting those photos here to capture the golden moments that we spent together..The laughter, playfulness and merrymaking throughout the whole trip. Thank you - my company for extended the trip to us and our family...We truly appreciate and reminisce~~