Mar 18, 2011

The house is evaluated!

The house is finally evaluated on 16/3/2011, Wed; 10.00am. It is a total relief to us now.... Although we have yet to receive the result but I really pray/hope that all the sweat and aches on"beautifying" & "transformation" will be well paid off.

The house condition was bad, in fact not totally bad, it was the ceilings that was bad and also the unevenness of the ceilings slab and wall in the hall, according to Ben, agent property. He urged/highlighted if we would like to fetch the higher evaluation/COV, we must do something to the CEILINGS.

Over the period of years, the minor cracks and bulges accumulated on the ceilings and eventually cause the concrete above the kitchen/2 toilets to dislodge and thus exposing the ugly steel bars embedded in the floor slab.

We have 3 options:-
1) HDB to settle the problem - Cons: take long time
2) Contractor to fix the problem- Cons: cost a bomb!
3) We repairs the problem- Cons: whole body aching...

Final Decision, we sacrified ourselves... hee hee...

Please view below photos taken "BEFORE" the repair works at various corner of the house!

sorry for the big mess, we will disposed off all item by item until the day we leave...

PROBLEM 1 : KITCHEN CEILING PROBLEM 2: MASTERBED ROOM TOILET CEILING PROBLEM 3: COMMON ROOM TOILET CEILING Common toilet (the pointy edge corner was cracked and daddy was worried that the whole piece of the "corner" might just dropped off and we do not have such skill to paste the cornering and lucky enough, it didn't drop until the day the house got evaluated!)

PROBLEM 4: CRACK ALONG TOILET WOODEN DOOR FRAMEtotal tools for less than S$150.00(used up 2 tins of Nippon Paint)We took leave to kick start the work on 02.03 2011 (Wed)- intended to fix all problems in A day! (Just to save the leave as we cant do it over the weekends when Dan was around) However things always cant turn out perfectly as what we planned, Daddy got to be back to work, his colleague was taking urgent compessionate leave, sign!!!I dont get demoralized! I continued with my leave and painted the whole kitchen+ceiling all on my own for the day. I "emptied" the kitchen by moving all the"obstacle" to the hall and started without any further delay and afraid that i might not be able to complete the painting before time to fetch Dan.Look at the big mess now over at living hall....... Complete floor washing after the painting works and quickily moved back whatever necessary from the living room back to the kitchen....I was half dead!!! My right hand was in great pain for a night,luckily after took some muscle relaxer, I was able to write the next day when back to office....The task was only completed half way, we continued with the painting and ceiling pastering on Sunday when gopma assisted to look after Dan for a day... This time round we carried out the works together for the 2 toilets,even Albert also helped to paint the toilet for us, thanks to him and still owe him a chili crab dinner until now.... :p

Finally completed with all the wet works, and from then on, we had started to do some tidy/clearing jobs to the task and Ben told us ... everythings "extra" on the surface of the cabinets/tables/chairs/tv console must hide.... big items like Mahjong table, children playcar toys all keep it outside the gate on the day of the evaluation.

We were stressed out on the "Evaluation", we woke up early at 4am to do all the last minutes clearing when the valuer only came at 10am........ anyway i hope all the hard works will be well paid off and below are the beautiful show flat that ready to be marketed..........

In fact the little table and the winnie the pooh toy cycle was outside the house when the valuer came. The photos was taken after the valuer had left.

Great different finishing with before and after!!

The photos will be the good keepsake to show Danzel next time when he grown up, these are the places/ and house that he zzz/play/eat before we move to Punggol!!

Mar 11, 2011

My Little Model by EOS550D...

Below are the photos taken last night with my 550D, My Best Model ... gave me the very nice coordination toward the end of the session.load of smiles..2nd photo-he was crying hard attempt to get my camera ....