Jun 14, 2012

Korea, Day 7 - 14 June 2012

Last day after the good 6 days with our beloved family at the lovely land - Korea! The 1st and most memorable trip after so long!! After this trip, hopefully we can at least plan one trip each year to different places until we each grow old together!! Guess by that time, we do not have any resentment that we have live our life to fullest with the great bunch of people - our family!!!!

Jun 13, 2012

Korea, Day 6 - 13 June 2012

Here's mark the 2nd last day of our memorable trip:( The following was where we had our breakfast in Seoul. Our itinerary were mainly covered Seoul with most of it visiting to places that can let our tour-guide Jing Jie earned some commission.

First stop, the cannot be missed Korean Taekuk Insam. Highly recommended products if one is going to Korea. I got one box from my gugu cost about S$300++ which contains 360 capsules per box. We dis lock each capsule every morning to pour the ginseng powder into Dan Dan's morning milk feed. Personally i find it works wonder in term of his health's condition, obviously discover less cough,flu and phlegm problem..Up today, he is still consistently drinking his ginseng milk every morning.
Here's the big spender - Near S$5K of products.
Here the women's paradise!! Duty Free Skin Care...mostly for tourists! Another place that we spent big time, buying Korea's local brand (Skin & Lady) where we cant get it in Singapore, not so sure so far didnt come across the place selling this brand yet!

After the shopping spree, it was already noon time of course time for our lunch!!! The following scenery is those that we always see it in Korea's Drama Series, love the scene with the pine trees or something similar lining up 2 side neatly along the road.
Finally we got the chance to taste the bibimbap!! Quite similar to those that we usually eat in Singapore but of course the Korea's Version taste much nicer after add- in some Korea's water and blend it with Air.Hahaha...

After lunch, we were headed to Myeongdong (Singapore's Orchard Road). Another duty free shopping mall, we browsed through and finally entered a shopping mall where we found this cosy corner to rest and had some coffee.

Time flied! It was dinner time, we still had not enough of shopping and we will be back to Singapore the next day:( Guess we have to be back again by free and easy trip in order to have more and more and more shopping spree~~
Look at Jie Jie Mitchell, she bought a lot hor?~~

After dinner, we went for Comic Martial Arts Performance, Korea's most popular local show!!
We had real good laughed throughout the show even for Dan Dan!

Jun 12, 2012

Korea, Day 5 - 12 June 2012

Day 5, we woke up fresh and energized as we were back to the room early the night before and managed to catch sufficient sleep as compare to the earlier few nights. Today, we will be checking-out from Hanhwa resort and on the way, we will be heading for fruit-plucking, kimchi-making and dress-up in traditional Korea Costume.

Here's our first itinerary of the day! Fruit-Plucking! Chameh is the fruit for picking during June! Chameh is a type of Korean Melon which I have never try until we were there. The korea melon does not have a lot of commercial exposure. It is said to be difficult to harvest and easily ruptured and sunburn.

The Korea melon is oval shaped with deep evenly spaced white linear sutures throughout its yellow rind. Its translucent white flesh with highly concentrated sweetness. When ripe the melon's flesh is semi-firm in texture with a mild sweet flavor. The melon is completely edible including the seeds and it very very tasty that i miss it's taste until today.

We plucked, washed , removed the skin and tested our first juicy sweet Korea Melon!! I love it to bit, it tastes so much better than Honeydew, Rock Melon.. i was afraid that I cant find it in Singapore therefore i "tapao" quite number of melons back home...hahaha then to my surprise that it actually sold in Singapore too but of course with higher price and it may not taste as good as the one that we eat just next to where it grows. Guess that's our breakfast if i remembered correctly hahaha.... i forgot where we eaten our breakfast in Day 5 though!

Next we proceed to Kimchi-Making, one of the unmissable itinerary in Korea trip. Even Dan was given a chance to participate in it. That's is why it is always my principle to expose him anywhere/everywhere around the world as it is one of the best learning-process that one book cant have it all. Some parents may find it too young for them to remember for some many things but to now whenever we flipped through our photo albums, Dan can easily recall what he had done during the trips.

Oh, what's a cute little one, our local tour guide assistant-Jimmy was so kind to get this attire ready when we were still making our Kimchi, he went in just to measure Dan's hands and when we arrived at the Korean Clothes Room, he handed it over to me for putting on for Dan, thanks to him otherwise I wont be able to search one as the room was super crowded with other tourists around too.
As you can see, he was quite please with this "boy" attire and taking photos happily!

Finally, all the ladies in Hanbok!! Then i noticed now...where is Linda gugu?!!!

Tour guide-Jing Jie came up with this prank idea to dress Dan Dan in "Girl" Hanbok, look at his unaccommodating expression, I got blamed until today to force him dress like a girl...hahaha whenever he saw this photo.. furthermore i developed this photo to showcase it in our living room where everyday we can see it.
After a busy morning experiencing Korea Cultural activities, finally we were brought for lunch!! This eatery house a bit different from the usual restaurant that we were brought to where those restaurant cater more for tour groups whereas for this, we saw some local/individual customers visited the restaurant too.

After a heavy meaty lunch, finally something really merry/ pleasant  with galore of lively entertainment awaiting for the kids and of course myself, i love theme park because I can snap a load of nice/colorful/fun-filled photos from theme park. Here, we were at YONGIN EVERLAND. 

Look at the following photos where we took our group photos with, the fake tulips are vividly captivating.Everyone was looking great and cheerful!!
We have real nice family photos !

Jing Jie had planned out nicely our itinerary in Everland! She brought us to try out those rides that deem to fix/appropriate to all ages!! We had very professional and involving tour-guide! She actually took the rides with us and challenges some games with us too.. What's a fun tour-guide we had

Next, we visited Safari World and enjoyed the bus tour to see the wild (Tigers,Lions,Liger and Big Brown Bears!) in close as some of them can even perform right outside the bus windows in order to get some reward from us, but too bad, we didn't have any for them. For smaller family tour, there are jeeps (fully protected with steel rods) rented out.

Above is the Liger 
The one and only available in the world, the baby of both Tiger and Lion!

We had so much fun in the themepark, Danzel managed to try out few rides! Guess this was the most memorable day to him throughout the 7 days trip.

After dinner, we we back to our hotel at Seoul, also marked the last hotel that we were going to stay!! We checked it our hotel located at Gangnam!!