Jan 30, 2011

The Making of Birthday Cake

Recently Dan likes to hum the birthday song again and again..even sing it out softly when he is engrossing in his play. I guess the child care center must be celebrating the birthday for lot of his classmates until the song is lingering around his head again and again..

I tried to think of some art & craft activity that related to birthday for him to do over the weekend... I draw the shape of the birthday cake and Dan will be in charge of coloring and decorating the cake that he likes....Obviously the coloring is messy and i did some touch up before accessorize the cake with colorful pom pom balls..

He was happy to look at the cake and started to sing the birthday song again in front of the cake, and he naturally closed his eyes to make a wish after the song...next he blow the candle, cut the cake and finally distributed the "cake to mummy then finally pretending to grab one piece and put inside his mouth... The whole process is the step to step must do sequence during the birthday and he knew all of it since he 2 years old birthday until now.....Mummy just hope that every year he will enjoy himself in this special day and as long as daddy mummy still able to, we wish to be by his side to give him the first birthday wishes.....and prayer..

The Making of Tiger 's Mask

Mummy saw this making of mask from one of the blogger mummy and decided to get Dan to do one over the weekend. Usually mummy will plan weekends activities for Dan during the weekdays.. how....by browse through a lot a lot of great great mummy's blogs. Hopefully more and more idea can be flourish into mummy's head.

The material needed in this activity will be paper plate, felt cloths, googly eyes, paint..... I gave only paper plate and paint to Dan for the initial start.. to prevent him for getting distracted by other stuffs (googly eyes...) After the painting, we put it to dry, while waiting the paint to dry, we spent the time to cut the whiskers, the nose and so on... After all things had prepared, i got Dan to paste in onto the painted paper plate as what i told, i will ask what is this (by picking up the whisker) and he has to paste it at the right place... until the whole tiger's face is shown obviously.... hehe He was amused and happy to see his own creation after i popped the stick to the mask.

Jan 28, 2011

About Singapore..

We did a simple activity about Singapore sometime back. I have learned that Dan is singing and pledging every morning in the CCC therefore to add on to what the teachers thought him at school, i created this theme. I printed out the Sg Flag, The Mascot of Sg, The National Flower of Sg, The National Anthem, Pledge. Some of the printed out is not here.

I had described the flag, the color, the no of star and moon, we talked about Merlion and showed him the photos that we took with the merlion and so on...
After all the talking part, we started to make the flag as i said to him that we will make flags and mummy will make one and Dan will make one.... so here we started with the assignment that given...
The last part is to get him sing the National Anthem together with mummy.....here you go...although he is still lacking behind on the lyrics part but it is always good to start at the early age....

Jan 22, 2011

Matching Shapes to Words!

I had this idea came from " A Little Learning for Two" at one of the weekend morning.When Dan was woke up with still everything unplan for the day ahead so immediately without second thought, i got him to pull out his little table and chair and I get ready the 'tools" that needed.

However before the activity started, I had the wordings all printed out and cut.After getting all materials ready on the table, i had the outline traced out by getting Dan to help to stabalize the shapes that i used from the shape sorter.

First, I got Dan to read after me by pointing at the words. After some reading, i got him to read out the word of each shape and follow by putting the actual shape to the outline drawed earlier on. In this context, he learned not only shapes but reading to recognise new words. I love to watch at him when he is focusing at some serious stuffs...

Jan 13, 2011

New Year - New Wish 2011

2011.... seem to have a fruitful year start ahead us.... I have a long hope/wish list for the new year resolution..... something i never try to set before but i try to do it for this year....Although it may not come true but it is something that main to set but work hard to archieve it and so hope it will be archieved eventually in one of the year ahead....

There is a slight different to our life this year... something will change very soon...

1) Possession to our very 1st Love Nes
(Wish list in one upon a time but it will be on our hand soon-contented)

2) Own a weekend car

3) A short Birthday Trip for Dan to Taiwan

4) More Thematics Home-Learning for Dan...

5) Second Baby ...

Ya think only the above, we have to keep working until die in order to sustain all the above...Our new house is near to completion by now... and just to think of the money that we save for so many years in the CPF account but it will soon be wiped out to 0 in just a few minute of flat hand over transaction...oh heart break~~ and from that very moment start, we have to ensure that none of us can leave the employment status as "unemployed" until probably we hit the age of 60. Dan will be at the age of 30 when we are at our 60, hopefully he will be able to read through this page and know how much Daddy and Mummy have sacrify to have him been brought up so much....