Sep 24, 2010


PS engineer
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Hi PPle,Thanks for your registered interest in the photo-takings. If you received this pm, YES!! You are the selected and invited few to join in.There will be 2 sessions, 1st on 16 Oct and 2nd on 23 Oct (both are Saturday morning from 10am to 11am).As the groups are large, u pple will be split into the 2 sessions equally, pls pm reply me on your preferred date / session. For intention to bring along your husband/wife/spouse/gf/bf, pls also indicate in your reply. Sorry, no pets (dogs/cats/rabbits/mouses/snakes/tigers) allowed. Attire: jeans and shirts and track / casual shoes will do, pls do not wear bermudas (for guys) and skirts or dress (for the gals).Equipments: u can bring your own floor plan, cameras, videos, handphones etc. Just anything to ensure that the session is beneficial to your future reno planning.Till then, pls soonest pm me your interested session / date.Cheers.

PS engineer
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Photo-taking appointment
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Hi PPle,Thanks for your prompt reply, though PS-ster (xanc) still no reply news from u yet on the confirmed session. Anyway, for those who replied early, u will get your confirmed preferred session date; those not so kia-su one will get the arranged date Session and allocations as below:Session 1 on 16 Oct 2010-kimchi, Lostsoul, geniex, ailkeira16, danzelmyprince and hazel03Session 2 on 23 Oct 2010-Sordid Lala, Joycelin Tan, bluestarz8283, harper, peiyu and xancSome of the Q&A to answer:a) Attire -shirts is fine with T-shirt or Polo (defn not long-sleeve and tie, cos its a weekend rite? ) Just make sure your attire is comfortable, and no need to dress up like a X'mas tree.b) Parking -if u drive, pls park at the open air car-park available just opposite Blk 614B (of cos, coupon at your own expenses) c) Additional people to tag along -hmm, due to most, actually its all of u bringing along your the other half, others like (brother, sister, mother, father, baby girl, baby boy etc) will not be encouraged to come. Cos the crowd will be too large to control, and afterall its still a construction site and I will need to be accounted for your safety. d) Confirmed allocation to the date above -should anyone of u not available / free / bo-bian on the arranged dates, pls self-arranged / liase with the other party and update me.e) Your level and Unit number -will need u people to pm me on your house Unit number and level of stay. Any of u staying at Level 15 and above? Think tentatively that will be all. Thanks and Congrats again for being the selected fews. Till then, enjoy.Cheers.Albert

Sep 21, 2010

School's Family Day-21Jul2010

Yes, it was once a year Danzel's school big day - Family Day! It was also a school open day where all parents and friends were invited to join the fun-filled family day with their kids. The event was started at 5.30pm and prior to this, I as a mummy had informed daddy, I will not be able to attend and join in. I just joined the new company and still within the probation so...sadly i just simply cant go and got daddy to go instead...However i still cant fight against the guilt in me as a mummy on the actual day, so without the second thought, mummy zoomed off the office door at sharp 5.45pm and hopped into the cab (normally i dont take cab in peak hour)...hehe

Below photos touring around the childcare center of Dan Dan!!

The entrance where children put thier shoes at the little shoes shelves, where parents stop to send/receive thier kids to/from the center.

This is the assembly area where the children will normally gather early in the morning for national anthem and pledge. Also waiting area before the parents arrive to bring them home in the evening.

Toilets for elder gor gor jie jie..

We were giving coupon to participate at each station. Teacher will stamp the coupon as a proof of redemption and giving a small gift after the game.

This is the shelf to put thier bedsheet, pillows and etc.

Fishing station

We ended the day with some goodies, food and balloon for Dan Dan to bring home.. and I guess he was happy as both his daddy and mummy were there to be with him and had so much fun joining him in all games

Sep 12, 2010

Another sand-play fun!!

Another sand play session for Dan Dan.This time we were fully equipped with all the necessary picnic by the beach's stuffs, eg: bigger picnic mat, drinks in the cold flash,tidbits and guess what...durian...hahah...what's an enjoyable picnic+durian+cold drink and at the same time looking at our prince Dan Dan massaging the sand with his sand tools. He was so immersed in his play.Look at the following photos and you will see how serious and concentrate he is in ferrying the salt water here and there, digging sands and so on.