Jul 23, 2011

Mummy. Dan . Mama

Some random photos ... personally like this group of photos very much...

Jul 19, 2011

Field Trip- Jacob Ballas Children's Garden

Just kids had arranged A Mother Day special field trip for Mother & Child to Jacob Ballas Children Garden on 6/5/2011. No daddies are allowed for this trip... Mummy took leave and here's the good chance to take some photos of him in his old school's uniform and his 1st circle of friends for his good viewing when he grown up..

Charles Charles - very cute~~ A friend of his since they were in infant care until N1.

from left: Desmond, Charles, Eddy (Dan told me his name) and Danzel

Lunch was included and after the lunch, teachers had arranged a song that sung by the children for all mummies..... it was so touched and he continue to sing it until today...anyday, anytime when he is in a good mood, the lyrics goes like this "oh my mummy, oh my mummy, oh my mummy, I love you (in high pitch) .... you are so kind, you are so nice, oh my mummy..I Love you....." I just typed it out here when the memory still fresh and one day....when I look back, he may stop or even forget about this song but to mummy, it will always bring the grin on my face.

Here's everybody sang the song....

After the song session, all children was given carnation to be given to their mummy.. Danzel was still leaned on me when teachers started the distribution, I asked Dan: '' Dan, mummy dont have flower? He looked at me and dashed off and squeezed through the crowd to get 1 stalk of flower for me, the moment was touched too.... :)

Here's photo showed he excitedly passed the flower to me....

Jul 12, 2011

Singapore Flyer & Sentosa Boardwalk

It was one of the weekend, gugu suggested to visit Singapore Flyer and there we went... It was our (all of us) 1st ride... of course we were all pretty excited... The breathtaking view is the main captivation at the peak of the 42 stories high, with a total height of 165m making it the tallest ferries wheel in the world. The total complete rotation takes approximately 37 minutes.. Initially we assume that we will be given 1 capsule to only our family but to our disappointment that we have to share the capsule and the seats are not enough to cater for everyone...anyway overall it was a great experience to someone like me as personally, I love bird eyes city view!!

Awesome, isn't??

We proceed to Sentosa Boardwalk, the latest additional of access mode into Sentosa. You can travel into Sentosa on foot via Sentosa Boardwalk, the starting point is from Vivo City Shopping Mall's waterfront promenade, one can leisurely stroll over after dinner. Two way canopy-covered-travelletors are available if you find it tired to continue of your foot...

With only S$1.00, you will be able to access into Sentosa and walk further down to your right, you will be able to watch the magical love story between the pair of mechanical cranes, with it audio, visual technologies astounding light and water effects, it is definitely worth your 10 minutes with absolutely FOC presentation.

The show end with the short moment of fireworks which definitely enchance the hearts of all audience.